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Eat Water

Eat Water

Eat Water and their Slim brand are an award-winning health food based from the Asian plant konjac. For centuries the Japanese have used konjac flour to make zero-calorie noodles.Now Eat Water have developed a new konjac recipe, called Juroat C, and used it to make the Slim range of products – Slim Pasta, Slim Noodles and Slim Rice.

Eat Water are the manufacturers of the Slim range, Europe’s best-selling and multiple award winning low-calorie pasta, noodles and rice! The secret to their success is Konjac – their Slim products are made from a natural blend of Konjac vegetable flour and organic oat fibre called JuroatTM, that keeps you gently full for up to four hours. Konjac foods have no taste of their own, but are highly absorbent and great with flavourful soups, pastas and curries! The Slim Easy range gives you easy-to-cook sachets of pasta, noodles and rice that just need to be warmed up before serving, and the Slim Ready range provides you ready meals in delicious low-calorie sauces. And the best part is, konjac products are perfectly safe for Coeliacs, diabetics, and other special-needs diets, as they’re gluten-free, sugar-free, very low in carbs, and unless specifically stated (on some of the Slim Ready products) safe for vegans and vegetarians!

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